I was challenged to create a new sketch or artwork every day of the year 2020 and publish / upload daily to Instagram.
I started with simple pencil sketches, but found after a week or two I was doodling on my iPad. Since then I have been doing a combination of the two.
I've moved into all sorts of areas and themes - from silly (but cute)  cartoon bears, sarcastic snails to Rock Bands, Greek Gods, Scientists, Mad Wizards and more!
With the advent of Lockdown I began offering "Caricature Portraits for a Tenner!".
People began sending more photos of themselves and family members (including Dogs and cars!) and the results can be seen on the instagram link.

Click the Instagram link to see todays  new lockdown sketch!

Some of my favourites are below.
Many have asked for their portraits to be created on canvas - so NOW you can order a bespoke sketch printed onto Canvas too! 
Examples can be seen below.

To commission a bespoke, personalised original sketch, as a canvas print  - e-mail

Send me your photos and I'll create a perfectly personalised and  unique gift.